Indian Summer Compost decreases your labor costs through its consistency and it's reduced weight, as compared to either sand-loam or topsoil. Our compost also decreases plant mortality rates in newly planted materials, though increased root growth and better water retention without over saturation. So, from decreased labor costs to deeper, more vibrant bloom colors and stronger root systems, Indian Summer Compost gives you better results across the board.

Compost is not manure, and should not smell of manure, kitchen trash, or any other human or animal waste. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Indian Summer Compost is produced from grass clippings and leaves, and gives you a leg up on your competition in all your planting and landscaping needs. Our high quality, mature compost has an Earth smell or aroma, is black or brown and uniform in color, and has been tested for nutrients and other key factors.

For additional information on recommended mixes and formulas please visit our Mixes & Formulas page. Find more information about the nutrient contents of Indian Summer Compost on our Chemical Analysis page. Finally, find out more about our pricing per yard by giving us a call at the number listed below or emailing us at the address listed on the Contact page.