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Compost retains water more readily than typical top soils, but also binds together when saturated with water which adds to soil stability. The binding action of Indian Summer Compost helps prevent over satuation of soil by running off excess water without eroding the soil beneath or running off and depleating important nutients. This helps to prevent soil loss as well as preventing plant drowning.

Farmers have seen noticeably increased yields with a depth of coverage as little as one inch across a field. This coverage gets mixed in with the existing soil and continues to provide increased nutrient retention and increased soil stability for years to come. Reapplication is not usually necessary for up to ten years.

While most farmers use Indian Summer Compost across large fields, small scale usage can still have noticeable benefits. Applications in small targeted areas can also allow you to plant on grades and in locations that you may have previously thought unusable, due to runoff and lack of root penetration. With very little investment you can increase both the current efficiency of your land usage, as well as the future usefulness of your soils.

For additional information on recommended mixes and formulas please visit our Mixes & Formulas page. Also, find more information about the nutrient contents of Indian Summer Compost on our Chemical Analysis page.