Today's homeowners are plagued with depleted soils, from unnecessary removal of native soils and over abundant machine, vehicle, and foot traffic during construction. One of the best ways to combat these nutrient lacking, water wasting conditions, is the addition of Indian Summer Compost. Our compost allows you, the homeowner, to use less chemical fertilizers, and less water.

With these savings you are also getting better root growth and better nutrients for both your lawn and any of your flowering plants. Due to the natural fibrous content of Indian Summer Compost, with its additional beneficial micro-organisms and enzymes, you get the benefit of less maintenance, while still achieving heartier, more robust and beautiful lawns and flowers.

For additional information on recommended mixes and formulas please visit our Mixes & Formulas page. For a list of locations where you can purchase or a list of contractors that use Indian Summer Compost, please visit our Suppliers page.